About Us

Purpose of Journey House

Our purpose is primarily to aid young adults with developmental disabilities by gaining the skills and experience necessary to achieve and sustain greater independence. Though each resident may require a varying degree of assistance based on their own unique skills and experience when joining the JH program, it is easily adapted to best suit the individual, with daily living and learning. Once given basic guidelines alongside an environment that encourages active participation and a facilitator to model various life skills, independent living will occur naturally. This is further guaranteed as a result of daily living within a home surrounded by others residents, guidance from the live-in facilitator, and outside assistance (i.e. life coach or other support workers). The ultimate goal is for a resident to become capable of leaving the Journey House program with the skills to live and sustain a healthy and productive life.

How Success is Measured

The Journey House program allows for many increments for success to be measured because of the unique set up. Daily, weekly, and monthly progress is possible for any resident of the home in a variety of ways. Sometimes progress goes unseen or unrealized because of how subtle some life skills are. Values are also different for all residents and parties involved and success can be hard to measure and appreciate. Regardless, for many, success is when an individual presents any signs of progress in regard to greater independence, life skills, greater responsibilities, confidence or anything related to their own personal goals (i.e. organization, personal hygiene, employment etc.).


  • To improve activities of daily living
  • To gain self-confidence and independence
  • To build personal and community relationships

Life Skills

  • Personal care
  • Meal preparation
  • Household cleanliness
  • Laundry skills
  • Finances


Complete the online application and submit it to us. Once we’ve reviewed the application, we can move to the next step


Next, let’s get connected. We’ll reach out to you to confirm receipt of your application and verify details.


The intake meetings are scheduled on your own time, in your home. We ask that the potential candidate of Journey House be present.


Once excepted into the Journey House program, just relax. We’ll take it from here to find you a new home.

"I like the Journey House because it’s interesting, it’s safe to live in and it’s very fun…free to be independent, do things by myself, learn to make mistakes and learn from them, and take care of yourself”.

K.R. -Resident

“It’s great actually…it’s a peaceful environment…it’s an easy way to learn about my responsibilities”!

 – S.M. -Resident

"JH is my home and my safety... Supported in achieving my goals of finding my own place. I feel comfortable, it's sweet...home sweet home".


"It's helped me be less depressed. I went from 4 years of lying in a bed to being here where I'm less depressed, I get stuff done, ... I don't need to hide. I feel supported here".



38 Auriga Drive Suite 200
Ottawa ON K2E 8A5