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With Developmental Challenges

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Complete the online application and submit it to us. Once we’ve reviewed the application, we can move to the next step


Next, let’s get connected. We’ll reach out to you to confirm receipt of your application and verify details.


The intake meetings are scheduled on your own time, in your home. We ask that the potential candidate of Journey House be present.


Once accepted into the Journey House program, just relax. We'll take it from here to find you a new home.

Welcome to Journey House!

What is Journey House?

Journey House is a Canadian Registered Charity (charity no. 77320 6693 RR0001) that specifically focuses on support for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities by promoting independent living skills and relationship building. Homes are provided for these individuals at a low cost with little to no waiting list. In addition to the basic functions of a home, Journey House relies heavily on a Relational Model of living to provide an environment which supports participation in holistic, inclusive, and interactive creative daily living. This allows for a person-centred approach to foster independence, encourage experience, and create value through authentic connections with other residents and the community. While also encouraging an overall sense of belonging through integrated community living, these individuals live and learn together.

Organic Lifeskills

Relationship Building

Conflict Resolution

Self Care

Community Building

Job and Program Support

Chores / Responsibilities

Regular Sleep Cycles

Managing Anxiety

Healthy Thoughts


Respectful Behaviour

Increase Independence

Residents of Journey House

The residents of Journey House are able to enjoy their own room with the presence of 3 or 4 other individuals within a single home. Each resident has their own unique experience, strengths, and needs. They all share the main goal of utilizing this natural environment to foster growth and opportunity.

"I like the Journey House because it’s interesting, it’s safe to live in and it’s very fun…free to be independent, do things by myself, learn to make mistakes and learn from them, and take care of yourself”.

K.R. -Resident

“It’s great actually…it’s a peaceful environment…it’s an easy way to learn about my responsibilities”!

 – S.M. -Resident

"JH is my home and my safety... Supported in achieving my goals of finding my own place. I feel comfortable, it's sweet...home sweet home".


"It's helped me be less depressed. I went from 4 years of lying in a bed to being here where I'm less depressed, I get stuff done, ... I don't need to hide. I feel supported here".



38 Auriga Drive Suite 200
Ottawa ON K2E 8A5