Our Team

Each facilitator has been selected for their kindness, compassion and dedication to the welfare of our residents. In essence, they truly understand the need and appreciate the benefits of cohabiting, as well as teaching and learning, at the same time.

Cody Eggleton

Cody is a Journey House facilitator, acting as a mentor and in-house support for several adults with intellectual disabilities. He is also a key Respite Worker for Destiny’s Way Support Services. Cody is a caring and passionate role model, best known for his sense of humour as well as being easily approachable. He excels at physical and recreational activities and shares his love of technology with anyone requiring assistance.

Emily Rogers

Emily Rogers is a Journey House facilitator, that supports her roommates by being nurturing, respectful, patient, and full of positive energy. She has extensive experience in helping those that can not fully help themselves. Her jovial nature is infectious. Emily’s talents as an artist are an extra bonus to the team and the people we serve.

Raelee Fehr

Raelee is a Journey House Facilitator, who’s positive attitude and smiles are always noticed by those around her. She has experience working with individuals with diverse backgrounds and loves to see others happy. Raelee excels at physical and outdoor activities, as well as creative writing.

Role of Facilitator

A Facilitator is a committed individual who resides with the other household members and ensures that an environment is established and maintained within the home, which fosters and allows for the practice of independent living. This person acts as a life skill coach, a friend, a roommate, a guide, a teacher, among many other roles. Each of these roles are performed with respect, patience, understanding, and without judgment. In return the facilitator is financially compensated and given a very unique opportunity, while also receiving numerous accommodations and benefits. The specific duties or roles of the facilitator may change depending on the needs of the other residents of Journey House, in order to best model and assist with independent living. Regardless,  the facilitator must prioritize and model life skills, in a manner that promotes health, productive living, as well as safety and well-being, at all times.

Board of Directors:

Horace Roxborough – President

Stephen Hazell – Chair

Gopal Sharma – Vice Chair

Richard Mansell – Treasurer

Marguerite Black – Secretary