What is Journey House?

Our Vision

Journey House imagines a sustainable and inclusionary model of residential living, where each individual experiences an enhanced sense of identity, belonging and self-worth, and authentic connection to community.

Our Model and Why it Works


Journey House is an expansion of the Destiny’s Way Support Services vision, with a particular focus on further support for individuals with disabilities. Developing independent living skills and relationships with others, while also encouraging an overall sense of belonging, through integrated community living, is a primary objective. A facilitator is selected to live onsite, making their residence at the designated home. They act as a mentor to the residents, who in turn develop life skills organically. The daily tasks, that are necessary for independent growth, are guided by the mentor, who provides daily support with regards to hygiene, cleanliness, budgeting, safety, shopping, meal preparation, and more…

Journey House is an inclusive place where multiple individuals live and learn together. In addition to the basic functions of a home, it relies heavily on a Relational Model of living, which prioritizes relations, connections and individual experience. It is essential to understand the importance of process, the influence various factors have, and how they intersect in an individual’s life. The goal is to provide an environment which supports participation in holistic, inclusive and interactive creative daily living. This allows for a person-centred space to exist in which to promote independence, encourage experience and create value, through authentic connections amongst residents, as well as the larger community.


Longterm Availability

Daily Support: Monday - Sunday

Ottawa Region


Admission to the Journey House Program is based on evaluated suitability. A waiting list has been created for both male and female residents for this expanding program . To schedule an intake interview, please contact Destiny’s Way Support Services at (613) 226-6222 ext. 2.